DOL Devotes Website To Avoiding Misclassification Of Workers As Contractors

Misclassification of workers as independent contractors is a huge risk for employers, from both a wage and hour and a tax liability standpoint. Learn more. Read More

The Risk Of "Non-Malware" - Using Trusted Applications To Steal Data

A new cybersecurity report reveals an increase in ransomware and non-malware attacks. Learn how they work and how you can avoid becoming a victim. Read More

2016 Benefits And The Risks

Employers offer a range of benefits, but must always be sure they are offered in a nondiscriminatory manner. We discuss. Read More

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Sikhs, Religious Appearance And Preventing Liability

Leslie Zieren

A Sikh physician sues when denied a neurology job because of his turban and beard. Leslie Zieren discusses the Title VII risk when a job is denied based on religion and religious appearance practices. Read more...


Why Does An Employee Terminated For Sleeping On The Job Get A Jury Trial? The Pitfalls Of Discriminatory Discipline

Leslie Zieren

If policy violations are enforced in a discriminatory manner, even a policy violator can get a day in court. Learn about the risk. Read more...


Risky Assumptions Managers Make About Accommodations

Kirstin Heffner

The EEOC sued an employer who decided passing notes was a reasonable accommodation for an employee who was deaf. Learn why managers and supervisors should stay away from similar assumptions. Read more...



EEOC Sues Marquez Brothers For Hispanic-Preference Hiring

January 12, 2017


New 'Digest of EEO Law' Issued by EEOC

January 11, 2017


Gonnella Baking Co. to Pay $30,000 to Settle EEOC Race Harassment Lawsuit

January 10, 2017